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Teams and themes

Current research themes

To understand the factors underpinning healthy ageing, current investigations address cross-cutting themes and questions. To get research updates on how we examine these themes, visit the current investigations page. Current themes are :

Variability: Which cognitive abilities and individuals have successful life-long trajectories?

Interactivity: How do different cognitive domains interact with each other and other background factors?

Plasticity: How is good cognitive performance supported by neural flexibility?

Multi-modality: How do different measures of brain structure and function inform us about the ageing process?

Research teams

In order to address research questions, Cam-CAN integrates across different teams of experts in epidemiology, neuroimaging, and cognitive sciences. This means that our current investigations cut across different cognitive domains, neuroimaging techniques, and issues in both social and behavioural sciences. To find out more about our research teams and current investigations, click on the image below.

Research Teams Map Epidemiology Neuroimaging Cognition