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The latest participant newsletter can be found here:

Cam-CAN Newsletter 2022

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If you wish to learn more about our research, you may wish to watch the youtube video of "The Resilient Brain: Cognition and Ageing", the 2011 British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture given by Professor Lorraine Tyler FBA at the Royal Society. Click here to see the video.

I have taken part in the study. What is happening to the data Cam-CAN collected?

Your personal information is stored on a secure network and only selected members of the Cam-CAN research team and authorised members of the MRC-CBSU (where required for neuroimaging purposes) will have access to it. Your research data are currently being analysed by the Cam-CAN research team and affiliated researchers to answer the key questions this study aims to investigate. The detailed dataset we have collected can be analysed in many ways and is potentially extremely useful to answer all manner of research questions, not just those outlined in the original research plan. Research data are also made available to other researchers outside the Cam-CAN team if they request them for our website, agree to certain conditions, and are approved by the Cam-CAN Business Committee. As results of the data are published and presented, we will provide details on the Publications page of this website. You will never be identifiable in any such publication/presentation.

I have questions, who can I contact?

For any questions about the project please do contact the Cam-CAN Admin, by e-mail at, telephone on 01223 355294, or by letter to
MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit
University of Cambridge
15 Chaucer Road
Cambridge, CB2 7EF.